“The horse is a mirror to your soul. Sometimes you might not like what you see. Sometimes you will.” – Buck Brannaman

I love co-coaching with horses. Together we invite you to heal your spirit and guide you to discover your Truth. What exactly does that mean? How can I possibly put into words something so magical and spiritual without sounding like a crazy woman?

Have you been on a trip, when you’ve stopped the car and gotten out because the beauty of the land caught your attention and you wanted to take a better look at the view? In that moment, you were amazed, wanted to remember the scene forever, and possibly share it with your friends. You snap some pictures, say some oohh’s and aahh’s. Then later you look at your pictures and the first thing you notice is that the beauty is so much less wonderful in print than in real life. The spirit of the land, the breeze, the smell of the earth, and life in general, are missing from the photo. That’s how it is when I describe what it feels like to be in the presence of a horse.

Knowing from my own experience the huge impact horses have had on my sobriety, I want to shout to the world that this process works. This connection with a horse, this Gestalt way of recovery, is so powerful that I want to share it with everyone. So, I have my assistant snap some pictures during a session (with the client’s permission), and when we look at them afterwards, the spirit of the moment is missing. The horse is, of course, beautiful, but the deep connection my client had with that horse, heart-to-heart, does not show.

I can talk all I want about how powerful it is to be in the presence of a horse when your body, mind, and spirit need healing. I can talk about how a horse understands what your heart is feeling, even if you can’t speak the words out loud yourself. When the words get stuck in your throat, the horse stands by you and helps you express yourself and speak your truth. By speaking your truth, you begin healing.  

I talk about how spiritual the horses are. How, when standing with them, they balance your energy. The horse feels your energy even from 8 feet or more away. A client will say to me more often than not, “I don’t know where that thought came from. It’s not even what I came here to talk about.” The truth is that the horse knows what is really in your heart, works on that energy, and helps you let go of that which is stuck inside you. How do I explain that to a prospective client, who has never experienced the healing power of the horse?

This stuff really does happen. You, however, must experience it to believe it.  Many horse people know that they feel better after spending time with their horses and it has been said in movies and shows that time spent with a horse, is time spent looking into your soul.

Buck Brannaman says, “The horse is a mirror to your soul. Sometimes you might not like what you see. Sometimes you will.”

I would never ask you to do something I haven’t done. I have felt, seen, and experienced the healing power of the horses. I invite you to see for yourself that I am not a “crazy woman!” Come experience the deep healing that the horses help you discover in yourself. Walk through your trauma. Come heal your soul. The horses are waiting to connect with you in the barn.