What is the difference between just saying “I have a vision” and actually creating one? To me the difference is life changing. When I created a vision for my life by looking 3 – 5 years into the future and writing as if I was already living that new life, I set an intention. Writing my vision and creating my vision board made it real.

I wrote my first vision in 2013 while going through the Touched by a Horse® Equine Gestalt Coaching® Program. I’m amazed at all that has manifested since then. My vision was that I woke up every morning and enjoyed drinking my coffee while watching deer drink from the river flowing behind my home. I wrote that I started each day walking out to the barn, listening to the nickers and neighs from our horses, who were waiting for their morning feeding. Today, I did just that (minus the deer)!

Having set my intention in writing and by creating a vision board, I have been able to keep my focus on my dreams. Every year I rewrite and recreate a new vision, because dreams change, dreams manifest, and dreams expand. I know now that I am the author of my life. And I get to write the story of my dreams! If a dream seems unattainable, I still write and/or put on my vision board. I put it out into the universe. What can it hurt?

Manifestation happens! In a little over two years I sold one home and purchased another — one with acreage to have horses on the property. A place to breed and sell horses, to start two businesses. A place to coach and partner with horses to help others create their vision and find their purpose – all in the joy of their recovery. My next goal is to have a recovery center where people can go and heal in the company of animals, organic food, and meditation. A place where they can learn how to take care of their bodies, minds, and souls.

My vision board includes my relationships, my spirituality, and my financial dreams and goals. I envision meeting Oprah and being in an Entrepreneur magazine for women. I will be writing a book. I have so many dreams and aspirations that I am focusing on and working toward. I know that no dream is too big.


Having set my intention in writing and by creating a vision board, I have been able to keep my focus on my dreams.

One of the newest things that I have created is a webinar that will guide you through the process of looking back at your last year and looking forward to the year to come. A guide for creating your vision and vision board. A guide to being the author of your own story. I’m so excited to be able to present this to the public. And I hope you will join me for this live workshop from the comfort of your home.

Let’s do this together! Don’t let another year go by without setting an intention. This is not a resolution that you will never accomplish. It’s an intention that allows you to set goals and accomplish them! As the years pass by, you will have created your own book of dreams.

I’ll see you in the barn, at the ranch, or through your computer screen. As always, you can contact me to set up a private coaching session, via phone or here at the ranch. Make yourself a priority – today!  Claim Your Seat Now!