Gestalt Recovery Coach

Kathy is a published author and speaker. She is a dual certified graduate from the Touched By A Horse Program, Certified Equine Gestalt Coaching Method and the Gestalt Coaching Method Certification Program. These programs are the equivalent of four years of higher study in Gestalt with an emphasis on hands-on application of Gestalt methodology. Kathy is also Certified as a Recovery coach and in Emotional Crisis Prevention Recovery, through the CCAR program. 

My recovery date is February 11, 2012

“I am grateful I almost died because of alcoholism, my sickness has allowed me to experience a new way of living, healthy and sober — once my head began to clear and I was able to focus on healing, I started to live my life with a whole new perspective. I work hard on releasing my fears and choosing a new way of living. Now, as a recovery coach, my past experience helps me to understand the pain others may be experiencing and I want to give away strength and hope as you start your new soul recovery journey.


The other side of addiction.

In this podcast I discuss my chapter, A Journey of Self-Discovery, in the book Touched by a Horse~ Anthology #3~the power of equine coaching and gestalt way of recovery, which includes healing addiction, trauma, PTSD, abuse, grief and relationships.

My horses and I ask that you share the news with everyone you know. I am an advocate for recovery, and you may be able to impact someones life just by sharing this podcast.


“I felt hopeless and lost. I thought there was no way out until I met Kathy and she guided me into the right direction.”


One Neigh at a time gave me a new freedom in recovery. Gestalt method filled the gaps that traditional talk therapy and psychotropic medications couldn’t reach.


“Kathy listens with her heart and instinctively knows where she needs to go with you when you’re in the roundpen.”

Julie M.

“I am so grateful to have found Kathy and One Neigh at a Time, a truly magical place with special people and animals, alike!!”


It was a very powerful and emotional experience. I felt very safe around the group, the horses and Coach Kathy. I highly recommend “One Neigh at a Time,” for those who are suffering from pain, trauma, addiction, mental illness and/or brokenness from losing a loved one to suicide. Thanks for bringing us together”


I have been to years of therapy in the typical office setting with a couch and box of Kleenex. This was so different and so nice. If felt comfortable and afterwards instead of feeling heavy and exhausted I felt inspired and enthused. I can’t put into words how powerful and life altering this experience with the horses is. 


The evening spent in the barn was powerful, encouraging and helpful!
Coach Kathy guided us to open up about our fears and asked questions that made us think how we could change our fears into optimistic opportunities.
The group bonded as we realized we all have a story and we were all in a place of non-judgement which allowed us to open up more freely.
At times we can all fear the unknown and life can be painful and scary but knowing you’re not alone can be very healing.
Thank you Kathy for bringing us out of our comfort zone to look inside ourself to find comfort and experience healing.



Let’s get started today.

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If you are struggling and would like support and motivation join our private Facebook group for daily, hourly or by the minute support group of women who are in recovery.  Gestalt recovery will provide encouragement on your personal journey because no one's recovery is the same and we need to recover together.  Freedom to speak your truth without scaring your loved ones, getting support to be free of the craziness alcohol and drugs brought into our lives. Let’s be a blessing of kindness and support, giving love, hope, and encouragement along this healing process.  Celebrate our accomplishments, provide a cyber hug when needed for the times we struggle to stay sober.  If We change the words we say to ourselves, together we can change our lives. Recovery is more support, encouragement, fresh ideas with no judgment, no opinions, only positive affirmations. No Steps, but you will go on a discovery journey.