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The Horse Might Be the Most Powerful Therapist You’ve Ever Met

Are you ready to take your life into your own hands, and not give it away to a bottle of booze?

My name is Kathy O’Connor and my horses and I here to help you find joy in a sober life.

What do you truly want from life?

The Gestalt Way of Recovery

Horses have awakened in me a passion for life. I want to share that passion with women who are also eager to do more than just survivetheir addiction. I want women to go beyond their recovery and find who they are without the bottle, and give them the best option possible- to ask themselves, “What do you truly want from life?”

Are your memories and trauma still haunting you?

Do you want to be more spiritually connected to yourself?

Do you want to change your life now that you're clean?

Our Motto:

“We will not TALK you through, we will WALK you through.”

My horses and I can help you gain more than just courage, strength and hope. We will SUPPLY you with all the tools that you could need to stay sober. These tools will also help prepare you for what is next- your amazing life ahead. Walking next to you through your days, together we can make sure that you do not give up on yourself and let the addiction win.

I know how it feels


I know how it feels to be so far into that dark murky hole, stuck in the muck of life, living each day with your body screaming for you to stop. Shaking and trembling does not have to be your daily existence, nor does fighting with your body when it’s begging you to put the bottle down. I see the light, but the goal is your need to see it, too…… I KNOW the horses can help, as I’ve seen it happen over and over again.

Grab My Hand

Walk with my horses and discover your reason for not wanting to escape from your life and live one day at a time, One Neigh at a Time.

What will happen when you open your heart to healing? The horse, this gestalt way of recovery, is a gateway to freedom. Are you ready to go there? Where the gate to your heart opens and you run free. Don’t get stuck inside, afraid to uncover your truth. You power becomes what you uncover within yourself. I’m speaking of your powerful self, the whole self, that self that was robbed during your human journey because of your addiction. That’s the spirit inside that is ready to be set free.

Been there?

I will have fun again!

My alcoholic mind told me that for years before 2012, when my body forced me to stop drinking. I was 51 years old and didn’t want to grow up. I was drinking and partying as if I were 21. My body was screaming at me to stop, shaking and trembling whenever I went for hours without a tall glass of alcohol. But in 2012, I took my first step and started my journey in recovery.

Facing my addiction was only part of the problem.

Living in your truth, you will go beyond just recovery.

I found comfort in groups, and therapy, but something was still missing. That’s when I discovered the healing power of horses. Working with my personal coach, and connecting to the heart of a horse, helped me to connect to my own heart. A horse became my best therapist, and I didn’t even need to talk to be heard.
Horses have awakened in me a passion for life, and I want to share that passion with other women who are eager to go beyond the act of just being sober, but to truly want to LIVE. You faced your addiction, and you want more, that is where we….. my horses and I …… come in. Building your tool box of support and confidence, finding your truest part of your recovery. This is where healing of the trauma in your body, mind and soul begins.

Horses are amazing animals, come connect with them in a spiritual way, and connect with your spirit within. When I was drinking my spirit was oftentimes outside of my body. By being in the presence of a horse, I found my true identity and my spirituality became strong, I became committed to healing. My body, mind and soul are rebirthed. I am WHOLE. I want you to experience this, too.

It’s time to take action.

If you have tried therapy, and you have not found the connection within yourself that you are yearning for, it is STILL possible.

The horse might just be the most powerful therapist you’ve ever met!

Remember, the horses and I will not talk you through, we will walk you through.

YOU have the answers within, and I understand it’s difficult to find them. We will help you walk in the power of your truth.

One day at a time.

One Neigh at a Time.