It gets better starting right here, right now.

If traditional talk therapy hasn’t gotten you the results you want with your recovery, get ready for a new experience!

All of our coaching — whether on the phone, in person, in a group, or with a horse — is centered around Gestalt principles.

Experiential is key to Gestalt — and healing. It allows you to process through the tough spots in your recovery and your life in a way that creates positive, lasting change. Gestalt is not judgmental, it offers you a chance to work at the pace at which your emotions and body are comfortable and it can be applied to any life situation. I have 24 months of Gestalt training along with two years of private practice experience to coach you apply Gestalt methodology. I know this method works. I have experienced it myself. I have facilitated it for others.

About Our Gestalt Coaching

During the process of Gestalt coaching you will get to know yourself in new and enlightening ways. You will learn how your past experiences are affecting your current emotions, physical body, mental health and spirituality.

Have you every said”yes” when you really want to say “no?”
Have you ever gone “against your gut” in making a decision?
Have you ever let fear — or alcohol —  limit your choices?

These answers, their resolutions and more are already within you — you just have to know where to look. You will also learn how, without judgment of yourself or others, to examine the world around you and the people in it with mindfulness and awareness. This is the first step in creating the life you’ve always dreamed about. Our The Story of YOU package will walk you through every step in the process of getting to know why you do the things you do.

Gestalt doesn’t stop at simple understanding. It asks us to go further — to push ourselves into action and manifest things we’ve only dared to dream. This is achieved through mindfulness, awareness, and intention. The techniques you will experience and learn from Gestalt coaching will be ones you can draw on in every place in your life — your relationships, your career, and your recovery.  Our Author Your Best Future package walks you through the next level of the Gestalt experience — action!

Horses are masterful Gestalt beings. Their ability to be present, without judgment or expectation, is a precious gift to receive and it can help you integrate your Gestalt experiences faster and with greater clarity. In one recent scientific study, 73 out of 73 participants related that they were “more hopeful” after their Equine Gestalt Coaching session than before it. Our Neighday package combines the best of all worlds by adding a horse to your experience.

Get Started

The Story of YOU

  • Learn your unique temperament and how it impacts the way you interact, learn, express and organize.
  • Get to know your true self and how to embrace your natural tendencies without the filter of alcohol.
  • Examine your values — those driving forces that keep us in alignment with our truth.Three Gestalt coaching sessions by phone or in the barn

3 Gestalt Coaching Sessions
via phone or at the barn
packages start at:


Make Things Happen!

Author Your Best Future

Everything in The Story of YOU plus:

  • Envision your future without limits. Write your vision statement and start the intention of creating the future you want.
  • Chase your bliss by taking one goal you’ve always wanted to accomplish and mapping out your path to success, step by step!
  • Establish a healthy self-care routine that will boost you during rocky times and launch you forward during the good times.

6 Gestalt Coaching Sessions
via phone or at the barn
packages start at:


Take it to the Next Level

Your Neighday

Get it all in this unique package designed to walk you step-by-step through your back story, your future story and the integration of all the pieces of your life — with a horse!

Includes three deep process sessions in our round pen with our master equine Gestalt coaches under Coach Kathy’s leadership in addition to the six work sessions in our The Story of You and Author Your Best Future packages.

6 Gestalt Coaching Sessions
plus 3 deep process sessions at the barn.
packages start at:


Your Unique Temperament Session
We all have preferences in the way we process the world around us. Just like being right handed or left handed, we have temperament tendencies. During this session you will fill out a questionnaire that pinpoints the broad strokes and subtleties of four areas: how you recharge your internal batteries, how you learn new information, how you make decisions; and how you organize your world. This incredibly enlightening process is the first step to understanding yourself as well as others. Included in all packages.

Your Personal Kaleidoscope
The roles we assume in life create filters that determine how we act and make decisions. In this session, we will go over all the “parts” of you and examine how they show up in your life. You will also learn how to negotiate which parts show up at what times so you can have more control and understanding of your actions and emotions. Included in all packages.

Values play a large part in our happiness and comfort in life. Understanding what values you keep as a priority helps you determine if you’re living in alignment with your truth. If you discover you are not, I will help guide you toward a resolution with the incredibly important part of your humanity. Included in all packages.

In order to make our dreams come true we need to be able to envision what we want. In this session you will get to create the future you’ve always dreamed of and even live one day in its entirety in that future via the written word. It is truly amazing the possibilities that become reality when you commit your intentions to manifest on paper! Included in Author Your Best Future and Neighday packages.

Chase Your Bliss
Goals are the way we take the steps toward manifesting our vision. In this session, we will choose one goal to concentrate on, plan the steps you need to take to accomplish it, plot out your path, address the obstacles you may encounter and chart your progress toward success. Included in Author Your Best Future and Neighday packages.

A Healthy Self-Care Routine
If you are not healthy, it is impossible to achieve healthy relationships, a great career or a truly happy life. Yet, self-care is one of the things we are most prone to neglect in our day-to-day activities. In this session we will examine the things you need to consider in creating a self-care routine that ensures you are mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually prepared to face any and every situation that comes your way. Included in Author Your Best Future and Neighday packages.