If traditional talk therapy hasn’t gotten you the results you want with your recovery, get ready for THE GESTALT WAY OF RECOVERY!

All of our coaching — whether on the phone, in person, in a group, or with a horse — is centered around Gestalt principles.

Experiential is key to Gestalt — and healing. It allows you to process through the tough spots in your recovery and your life in a way that creates positive, lasting change. Gestalt is not judgmental, it offers you a chance to work at the pace at which your emotions and body are comfortable and it can be applied to any life situation. I have two years of Gestalt training along with two years of private practice experience to coach you apply Gestalt methodology. I know this method works. I have experienced it myself. I have facilitated it for others.

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The Story of YOU

You don’t have to face your new sober life alone, together we will learn to celebrate who you are while working to identify your true self through deciphering your temperaments.

Many times, I’ve said, “I don’t know why I do that, I hate that about myself”, now I understand who I am and how I move in my life.” ~Kathy

You will: learn how to be your most productive self in your organization of time, space and your environment.


Virtual and Equine Sessions Available

Starting at $199.00 

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Your Romance Novel 

What do you want for your future that makes your palm sweat and your heart beat?

“I only dreamed of having a horse ranch, now I breed horses and love my life, drinking is the last thing on my mind, not the first thing.” ~Kathy

You Will: Put your dreams into action today by designing action steps that begin today, feeding energy into your body, adding joy and changing hope into an action.

This includes The Story of You.

Virtual and Equine Sessions Available:

Starting at $499.00

Take it to the Next Level

The Rest of the Story

Embrace sobriety, going above and beyond recovery. Author your own story, stop giving it away to the bottle!

“By going through this whole process, I was able to let go of my old story, that I was a drunk and I was filled with guilt and shame, to having a spiritual direction, living true to my values, connected to my heart.” ~Kathy

You Will:  Create the ultimate life for yourself, as we unravel and rewrite your story.


This includes The Story of You and Your Romance Novel!

Virtual and Equine Sessions Available

Starting at $1200.00

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