Is your life out of control?
Do you spend too much time in worry, stress, pain or anxiety?
Who or what is running your life?
Is your past controlling your future?

Are Negative emotions consuming the way you live your life? Is fear stopping you from achieving your goals. We have over 40,000 thoughts a day, are yours negative or positive?

Serenity Neighs, “When you are feeling anxious or fearful, reach out to me, I have enough love and support to help you through your struggles.”

Coach Kathy says, “When our awareness is heightened make sure you also mix in a good dose of healthy support, otherwise too much negativity can deplete your energy.”


Ask yourself, “Am I keeping my mind healthy or am I only concentrating on the negatives in my life?”

Don’t give another precious day away.

Start with the Neighdoodle attached to this blog post.* Sit quietly and color it with your heart — let your mind stay focused on creating beauty and the movement of your hand. Let the moment keep you present.

My horses, mixed with my coaching the Gestalt Way of Recovery, allow you to start TODAY, change your direction and head down your self-discovery journey.

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You will never forget what my horses NEIGH to you!
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Neighdoodle Adult Coloring Book and Journal is filled with opportunities for experiential reflection and peaceful meditation in the form of art therapy. Take some time for yourself each day and express the colors in your heart onto a beautiful, intricate drawing. Each drawing comes with a meditative saying and question to facilitate inner connection, and an accompanying journal prompt allows your experience to manifest in words on the provided pages. Each page is perforated so you can remove, frame and place your completed drawings wherever you’d like to be inspired.