Meet our healing herd …

Miss Holly Dust:  aka… Holly.  Born 5/15/1993.. she is a registered Quarterhorse that for 13 years of her life was in the show circle.  She came to be a part of the herd because of her gentle, well trained background.  She was to be my trail horse and a possible show horse for my daughter.  I believe that with me, she experienced for the first time a trip into the woods.  She is a very cautious and hesitant horse when it comes to new things.  She likes to be a follower, on the trails and does not like to go to unfamiliar places all alone.  Her gentle soul is a comfort to all that she is around.

Sheza Boston Day:  aka…Tessa.  Born 3/24/2000…She is a registered Quarterhorse that joined the herd in August of 2015.  She has a personality that is expressive.  She holds her own in the pasture, protects what is hers and likes to make sure that the other herd mates allow her her space.  When being pampered she is gentle and loves attention…she is a diva.

Baco is a Draft/Arabian Mix, his actual birth day and year is not known…I am told that he was born somewhere around the year of 2000.  He is a playful boy.  He likes to whinny and neighs to announce his presence whenever he is near.  He likes to get into your space and be noticed.  He has a playful personality and is always ready to be loved on and praised.  He definitely is a horse that gets and wants to be noticed.

Lady Muirean:  aka…Muira is a 2002 Black Tobiano Gypsy Horse mare, exported from Ireland.  She came to be apart of our Herd in October 2015…she is also in foal and due in March 2016, this will be the third time she has been a mother.   She has stepped into being the dominant mare in the pasture, whenever she is around the other horses move to allow her to pass by.  She moves with grace and presents herself with great confidence and pride.

Summer Love:  aka…Summer is a 2012 Strawberry Roan Gypsy Mare, exported from Ireland.  She came to be a part of our herd in October 2015…she will be a first time mother, in foal and due in April 2016.  She has a kind and gentle soul, she has a quiet personality but presents herself with confidence.  She will be the first one to walk up to you, but she does it in a way that you are not even aware of her presence until you turn around.

My two babies…Freelands Kindred Spirit…aka Spirit. Black and White Tobiano Gypsy colt. Freeland Moonlit Splendor…aka Splendor Black Gypsy Filly. Both born in May of 2015. Spirit and Splendor are too young to be apart of my coaching team, but they are a big part of the herd. Watching them play and experience life is a joy. They are both kind and playful and remind me daily to kick up your hoofs and let loose.