Sessions - Invest in Your Self Discovery

This weekend will heal and inspire you!

Calling in the Spirit of the Horse

Two amazing events in one weekend!

Guided by Kathy O'Connor, Equine Gestalt Recovery Coach and Kirsten Kairos, Sound Medicine Guide.

Friday, May 18

Join us in the sanctuary of the barn for a candlelight celebration of sound and the spirit of Equus. This event is open to the public, NO RSVP NEEDED! Donations for the Prayer Pony Mission and One Neigh at a Time's Scholarship program will be accepted at the door. Please give as you can — no obligation.

May 19 & 20

Let the essence of the horse and the healing vibration of sound nurture you in ways you never thought possible. 8 special women can join us for this amazing weekend of connecting with horses, sound, nature, and our inner truth. Registration required.

My Mission is that our horses and I will guide you through the process of your self discovery.

The answers are within you. Giving yourself permission to trust yourself again takes courage and commitment. Discovering your pathways, which direction you choose to move forward, how you decide to travel it is critical to your journey.  I am committed to guiding you in the right direction.

Trust the Horse~Trust the Process.

Are you ready?

If you answer any of these questions with a “yes,” then you’re ready and can benefit from  One Neigh at a Time coaching.

  • Are you in recovery?
  • Do you love someone in recovery?
  • Are you grieving?
  • Do you want a better life?
  • Do you need help accepting life challenges?

There are many different pathways in this journey, discovering which one to choose is personal.  One Neigh at a Time, LLC offers many unique ways to finding your truth.

Invest in yourself today.  Our fees vary depending on the circumstances of your journey.