Meet Coach Kathy


“I believe that I became an addict for a reason — once I uncovered why I numbed my feeling, I was able work on releasing my fears and start choosing a new way of living. Now, as a recovery coach, I want to invite you to start a new life’s journey filled with exciting discoveries about yourself — and find a way to be grateful for the opportunity to live a sober life… to choose to be free.”

01. Certified EGCMethod Recovery Coach

I spent two very intensive years training to be an Equine Gestalt Recovery Coach. Much of my training was hands-on work with clients under the supervision of the founder of the EGCMethod, Melisa Pearce. I also participated as a client for other coaches during the training. Part of my graduation requirement was to do my own “personal work” — I faced many things from my days as an alcoholic and learned how to walk the path toward serenity and joy.

02. Professional and Knowledgeable

My coaching is not a side hustle or something I do in my “free” time. It is a successful, growing business. I am committed to bringing alcoholic women in recovery a chance to work with a professional who knows what it’s like to have walked the same steps as they are walking. I take your recovery process incredibly seriously. I am invested in your success because your success is my success.

03. On a Mission of Compassion

My mission at One Neigh at a Time is to help women in recovery find JOY in their lives and that often begins with letting go of the past and being kind to our tender inner truth. My horses and I offer you a unique way to discover the good in your life and, when the time is right, admit the hard truths to yourself in a compassionate and kind way. Loving myself is a skill I learned through my recovery process and I work toward it every day. I want you to also love yourself!

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method is a PROVEN method to help people recover from trauma. In a recent scientific study conducted in Colorado, 100% of the study participants were able to see a “more hopeful future” and would repeat their EGCMehtod session if given the opportunity. This was among a population of homeless young people — many of which suffered from some type of addiction. This method works. It is not just any “horse therapy.”

You do not have to have horse experience to participate or gain benefit from the EGCMethod. You also do not ride the horse.


Saw a More Hopeful Future


Would participate in an Equine Gestalt Coaching Session again.

Study completed in 2016/7 by Jaclyn Manzione MS, NLC, EGCM Certified Practitioner and G Thomas Manzione Ph.D, LPC, Xanthuscenter.com

Gestalt without a Horse

Going Beyond the Roundpen

Gestalt is a proven therapy that has helped thousands of people over the past century. Although it is more powerful — and often deeper and more meaningful — when applied in a setting with a human/equine coaching team, the principles hold true outside the roundpen. Much of the work I do with clients can be conducted with “virtual” coaching sessions held over any device. I invite all of my clients to participate in an equine session when they’re ready — but we don’t have to start there!

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What Clients Are Saying


“I felt hopeless and lost. I thought there was no way out until I met Kathy and she guided me into the right direction.”


“After just 30 minutes I left completely calm and energetic.”


“I am so grateful to have found Kathy and One Neigh at a Time, a truly magical place with special people and animals, alike!!”


“Kathy listens with her heart and instinctively knows where she needs to go with you when you’re in the roundpen.”


“Kathy, I love your timing and patience. You were 100% connected and the session was smooth and complete.”


“Thank you, Kathy, for your presence and ability to guide me through my work.”