We are getting ready for our Open House when we will open our barn doors and welcome you to One Neigh at a Time Ranch. In the distance I can hear sounds of the tractor preparing the new pasture for the horses, planting a perfect mixture of grass, alfalfa and clover.  The woods are being cleared and raked to create a beautiful camping area for guest retreats on the Ranch.  The lawn mower is putting along and the horses are hanging their heads over the fence wishing that they could munch on the green plush grass.

In the barn stalls the horses are eagerly awaiting their time to heal heavy hearts. In two of the stalls are our new mommas and their foals, nickering and neighing, waiting for their morning feed, and to be let out so they can frolic in the pasture. The colts buck and play with each other, as the mommas watch, making sure their babies are safe and protected.

With the joy that is involved with offering this ranch as a haven to those in recovery comes the nervousness of becoming an entrepreneur.  For this introvert it means stepping out of my comfort zone, which is here in the safety of the ranch, and knocking on doors, so to speak.  Promoting the horses and their healing power is easy. Promoting myself is new and I am filled with anxiety and excitement.

I have trained extensively and have had intensive hands-on practice. As an Equine Gestalt Coach I am ready to start helping others heal themselves.  My readiness comes in finding my confidence and power within.  For a person who likes to be in the crowd, not in front of the crowd, this is a huge step. My belief in the EGCMethod and experiencing first hand how my life has changed has made me ready to partner with my horses as a recovery coach.

I was moving along on my journey of recovery, but not really finding joy, happiness or freedom. I felt heard by my coach and the horses and they gave me clarity, strength and power to make smart choices for moving forward. Those choices have lead me here to help guide others and to share all that I have learned.  Are you ready to feel the power of Equus?

We open our doors to you and invite you to experience the joy of One Neigh at a Time Ranch. We promise that we will honor, respect and fully listen to you as you find Awe in your journey.  Open your hearts as we open our doors and joy will find its way into your life.

See you Saturday, May 28, 2016! Come to hear all that will be happening on the Ranch this year and stay late to enjoy a campfire, roast some marshmallows and relax under the stars.  We are looking forward to a great beginning.