It has been a big week here at One Neigh at a Time Ranch.  It was time to separate our colts from their mamas. Time whizzes by so fast — I can’t believe it has already been six months since our beautiful colts were born on the ranch. After much research and discussion on what is the best and least traumatic way to separate them, we agreed on taking our two gypsy mamas off the ranch to a friend’s house for a month.

We ripped off the bandaid — a metaphor meaning it’s better to just do it.  The transition has worked well. Both mamas and colts are doing great. They all cried out to each other at first, but it didn’t last long and they continued on with their day. They stopped every once in a while to call out again, but neither seemed to be to particularly bothered by the process.

We humans were a different story. We felt bad and mean; we apologized and cried. We even discussed whether the horses would resent us for separating them.

That’s one big difference between humans and horses. We go through all these crazy emotions and the horses feel it, call out and then Let it Go. I am told that when the day comes to reunite them, they will know that they have been apart, will call out with acknowledgment of one another, but again, will Let it Go and carry on with their day.

Our human brains and hearts can’t seem to Let it Go so quickly when we rip off the bandaid. It could either be a breakup or the separation from a loved one. Even an addiction that you had to Let it Go. We agonize and get all worked up in the emotions. We Let it Go, but then bring all the thoughts and feelings back and play with them like a ball rolling back and forth. To go even deeper into this metaphor, we even let the ball hit us in the face a few times, whip it away, grab it back, hug it tightly — and start all over again. This game of catch is hurtful and painful. Horses have it right. When a decision is made, they move forward and get on with life.

The difference between them and us is they will not worry all day over how the other one is doing.  Whether they are being missed or how much they miss the one they left behind. They enjoy the moment, eat their grain and frolic in the pasture all day.

Meditation is one of the ways I deal with stress and here is one of my meditations you can download to use yourself!

I meditate, read and continue learning ways to Let Go of things that do not belong to me. I Let Go of hurt and resentment. Watching the difference between how the horses are dealing with changes this week, I can’t but think about how I want to be more like a horse. Holding on to all that does not serve me is not healthy. It brings on anxiety, stress and pain. I learn so much from the ways of a horse. Trust the Process ~ Trust the Horse, is so true.   What’s hiding under your bandaid? When will you be ready to rip it off? My horses and I are here for you when you make the choice to Let it Go!