Do your moods vary with the weather? Here in Michigan, the gray skies can bring on the winter blues. We can go days where the sun stays hidden behind the clouds, the house is dark and the days are short, playing havoc on with my mood. On days like this, I have to work harder on my recovery to stay connected to people, and I need to push myself to go outside, I must bundle up and move.

My horses and I do not stop working because it is nasty out. The horses have their natural blankets on, their coats are fuzzy, and all you have to do is grab your warm comfy jacket, hat, gloves, and boots and join us in the barn. Our indoor arena keeps the wind, rain and sleet and snow away so that together, we can concentrate on healing your heart, mind, and soul.

I will keep you moving, walking and thinking through your thoughts, sitting down is not a requirement. I believe the more you get out of your head and walk while you process your emotions with the horses, the horse will do their job and you will open up any blocked emotions or trauma that your holding. 

When you allow the gateway to your mind to open up, you will enable yourself to be free. Your inner truth will be uncovered, hidden underneath all your protective defenses. You’re inner self if waiting to run free. Through the gestalt way of recovery and the power of my horses, you will leave here with your body more relaxed, energized and ready to face new beginnings.

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