Recovery is a journey with many ups and downs. At first, you may feel raw and vulnerable; then joy and excitement might come over you. You are on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. When it gets crazy, you may have the urge to give up. Please stay on your beautiful path of recovery. I created “The Seven Neighs” to guide you through some of these moments, keeping you healthy and confident on your journey of self-discovery.

Many have heard the most common rules around your first year of sobriety. Don’t make any major life decisions. Don’t put yourself in a slippery spot. Don’t date for a year, etc. These are helpful guidelines to follow, established by others who have found success. But what are other ways to stay healthy in body, mind, and soul? This blog addresses what I feel the horses might Neigh to you if they spoke in our human language.

Neigh #1


A Horse Neighs, “I see you with a smile on your face, but sadness in your heart. I feel that you’re aware you need to change, but are scared and ashamed. I am safe to lean on. It’s time for you to listen to your saddened heart and work on living a healthy lifestyle. Together we can do this. I’ve got your back and your heart.”

Coach Kathy says, “I knew in my heart that I was unhealthy and that my way of poisoning my body was with alcohol. But I was not ready to admit it out loud. I only wanted to feel better, not sober up. I had to reveal to a safe person that I was struggling, and then she helped me tell my family and friends. Your heart knows the truth. Listen. Don’t continue suffering. Talk with someone who is safe and trustworthy.”


Neigh #2


A Horse Neighs, “Spirit guides us and gives us strength. Spirit provides grass for nourishment, creeks to hold water, and trees for shade. Lean on me and breathe in my strength while you work on becoming strong enough to believe in yourself. You are important to me. Come walk with me and I will call on my Spirit to support and encourage a healthier you.”

Coach Kathy says, “You will need strength and courage to work through all the emotions and trials. Connect to your Divine Spirit, God, Universe, or Guide, and fill the void within. What you know is to go to your crutch, whether it be alcohol, drugs, food, spending — even depression or sadness. Call on your Spirit for help when you get exhausted. Don’t go back to your old way of dealing with the struggles of life.”

Neigh #3


A Horse Neighs, “I don’t waste a moment thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. I live in the here and now, moment by precious moment. That doesn’t mean that I don’t get anxious or want my herd mates next to me; I like to feel safe. Trust in yourself to know when you are safe and when you need to make a change to stay healthy. Live as I do, moment by moment.”

Coach Kathy says, “I believe that living in the moment is the easiest way to live, yet the hardest to accomplish. It seems that our minds tend to focus on the negative aspects of life. To be healthy, we need to refocus our energy on the positive. When we change how we look at life, the life we live changes. Do your best to stay in the moment. When you notice yourself slipping into yesterday and tomorrow, refocus on today.”

Neigh #4


A Horse Neighs, “Your truth is always within you. I will be patient as you to work through your thoughts and feelings searching for your true answers and your authentic certainty. I will know the moment your body’s energy changes and you become aware of your Truth. At that moment I will stand heart to heart with you, ready to encourage and support you on your self-discovery journey.”

Coach Kathy Neighs, “I believe we all know our truth. Trusting our thoughts and intuition takes courage. I walked down many paths hoping that I could control my drinking instead of facing my addiction. Until I faced my truth, I always went back to my sickness. I fought hard not to look at my truth, and it took the fear of dying before I admitted my sickness aloud. I am grateful to have had the horses to help guide me through my trials and tribulations.”

Neigh #5


A Horse Neighs, “These two emotions do not even exist for me. You humans seem to carry baggage of guilt and shame, and it is a waste of energy. When you are working on changing who you are and how you move through life, I will help you leave behind the heavy load and open up new spaces for healing in your heart and mind. Please talk to me so you can let guilt and shame go.”

Coach Kathy says, “Guilt and shame can lead you to relapse. Then, as you know, you will only add more guilt and shame to your heart. It is heavy and uncomfortable. Talk with someone who is safe and trustworthy. Take time to work on your past. Be complete in your healing, so you may be free to carry around peace and serenity instead.”

Neigh #6



A Horse Neighs, “I take time every day to reflect and rest, allowing my body to stand tall, or to lay down. While doing this, I do not wonder about what will be happening or what has happened. I stay in the moment, enjoying the breeze or the sunlight. I take in big breaths of fresh air and stay in peace and serenity. Quiet times give me energy.”


Coach Kathy Neighs, “Becoming still in the silence was a new experience for me. In the past, I had music or television streaming in my house or my car all the time. The quiet made me restless. Today, I’m the opposite. I drive with no music, and I rest in my house, sitting in the stillness of the moment. I need to recharge my energy, feed my soul, and nourish my mind. I love quiet walks and sitting with my horses. Find what gives you tranquility and feed your mind with healthy thoughts.” 

Neigh #7


A Horse Neighs, “I carry no judgment as to what you look like, how you dress, or how financially set you are. The only way I see you is through your heart. I share my heart while you’re grooming me or walking with me. You don’t even have to ask. I do it because it’s how I respond to you. I share my whole heart, open and with compassion and passion.”

Coach Kathy says, “To me there isn’t much sense in sharing half of my heart. By reaching out to others, listening to their stories with my full awareness, giving another my undivided attention, is a gift I receive every time someone honors me with their personal story. The horses are our gift. They add depth and soul to every session in the barn.”  

“Listen to what my horses have to Neigh on your Self-Discovery Journey.”