Staying sober is the most important thing in my life.  My toolbox will never be full when it comes to filling it with ways to keep improving my strength as a sober women.  What is strength? Where does it come from?  For me strength isn’t about how big my muscles are, but it’s about how strong and healthy my mind is.

Meditation is an essential part of my daily routine. In my rehabilitation stay, I was introduced to the practice of calming my mind and finding true peacefulness.  I found this to be a practiced art.  During my first experience of meditation, I found it extremely difficult to relax my body and shut off my mind.  It felt extremely foreign to me. I would concentrate on the calming tone of his voice listening to soft instrumental music, but I couldn’t turn off the voice inside my head.  My thoughts kept creeping in, finding it hard to let myself be carried off to a space of peacefulness.

The more I practiced the act of listening, the more I could focus on my breathing and become aware of the pounding of my heart and my physical being, the more I felt liberated and refreshed.  I was able to calm the constant chatter inside my head and refocus my attention to a healthier state of mindfulness.

I am offering you a free meditation. By entering your e-mail, my powerful mediation will be downloaded for you to listen to and enjoy anytime you are feeling stressed and need to relax your mind. Just simply click anywhere in this paragraph to sign up and a link to the meditation will appear in your email inbox!

The most precious gift you can give yourself is to be present in your life.  To live in the moment and to give love to yourself and others.  Life can be demanding and frustrating. By meditating in the morning or whenever you feel overwhelmed with anxiety and stress, you give your body a healthy new invigorating restart.

In this meditation, find a comfortable place to sit in a quiet atmosphere.  You will start by practicing mindful breathing, repeating a pattern of breathing in and breathing out.  Become aware of your surroundings, the noises, and the feel of the air around you.  Practice the art of becoming aware of being in the present moment.

Next you will focus on your body, feeling the energy moving up and releasing your stress and the anxiety into the universe.  Opening up your mind and giving you more room for joy and happiness. Don’t become a victim of fear. Give yourself this gift of mediation.  It’s a powerful way to start or restart your day.

Horses live only in the present moment. They, too, can help you find a place a peace and serenity.   By combining meditation and being in the arena with the horses, you will find that you leave feeling refreshed, dumping all that doesn’t serve you on the arena ground.