Get out of the darkness. Depression and sadness can slip in and stay for way too long. When I’m in this mood, I imagine the space around me blackened and heavy. What things can we do to get out of this hole of yuck? Living in this energy can lead me to make so many bad choices. I change who I am, I’m mean, ornery, I hide from the world, I’m short with my words and no one, not even myself likes to be around me. I need to get out of the bad mood, or that lousy energy? In the past, I used alcohol to numb the emotion. I thought that if I drank enough then, I wouldn’t feel anymore. I used to pour my drink, and say to myself, this better put me in a better mood, then be upset if I would get more depressed. Alcohol is, by the way, a depressant. But I thought a drink would make me happy. I never thought to get off the couch and go for a walk, or ride a bike, or exercise, call a friend, walk my dog, swing, dance, sing, color, learn a new skill….so many possibilities out there to work at getting out of the darkness, but no I drank. Then in the morning I would feel worse and guess what, yup, sadness crept right back in. Today, I have these sad, dark days, and the difference is that I choose to not drink about them, I move my body. I have a whole toolbox ready to help me find my light. I sometimes take a day to live in the dark, then I know that I have to do something about it and change my thinking so that I change my mood. What is in your toolbox, my horses and I would love to help you fill it with lots of light…one day at a time, One Neigh at a Time.