Neigh #3…Live in the moment. Become aware of what is blocking your heart.  Don’t let people, places, or things come between you and your divine spirit. Let go of the hate and resentment for yourself and others. Let love and forgiveness be your compass.


The concept of living in the moment seems so easy on paper, but I have to say I struggle with it continually. I have to remind myself to stay focused on this moment only. I’ve learned that when I’m anxious or stressed, I’m thinking too much and not staying present. In my attempt to be in control, I’m thinking about the ‘if onlys’ and the ‘what ifs’. Then I wake up and realize just how many moments I’ve wasted filled with anxiety, worry, and fear, which I could have spent happy, joyous, and free.

The horses live in the moment all the time. Carolina doesn’t pace the pasture stressing about the fact that it looks like rain. And that yesterday when it rained Baco didn’t let her go into the lean-to with him. She doesn’t say, “Today’s even colder than yesterday, so how can I get undercover?” Carolina doesn’t stress out, wondering if she did something to upset Baco; or wonder if he’s mad at her; and if he is, what did she do to upset him? Horses feel for sure, but they don’t dwell on emotions inside of them like we do.

So breathe, relax, pray, or talk to someone who inspires you. Work through it. Dig into your toolbox of ideas to help you to let it go.

Horses are aware of experiences that have happened to them in the past. They remember them only if they are faced with a similar experience that feels uncomfortable. Even then they don’t stress about it. They work through it — sometimes by prancing or rearing up. When we keep calm and give them time and space to see that they’re not in danger, they calm down and allow the uncomfortable moment to pass. They let it go, not worrying whether or not it will happen again tomorrow.  

We can learn a lot from the horses about letting go of what doesn’t serve us and to live in the moment. About not letting hate or resentment sit in our stomachs or guts, festering until we make ourselves sick; or allowing them to control our emotions toward ourselves or others. How many times have you been worried about something specific and lashed out at someone who was undeserving of your attack? I notice that when I don’t have my emotions intact, I not only have a bad personal day, but I often pass that bad day onto others. I can wreck my day and someone else’s because I’m not living in the moment.

So breathe, relax, pray, or talk to someone who inspires you. Work through it. Dig into your toolbox of ideas to help you to let it go. Try and try again to get back into letting love be your compass and direction in life — for you and toward others. If none of that works, call me and come see us in the barn! Our horses will show you how to live in the moment. They remind me every day.