Who I choose to be at this moment impacts who I will become.

Kathy O'Connor

Is drama a big part of your life? Do you get stuck in what’s happening to you or to others? Is life a battle — anticipating what’s next? We live in a constantly changing world, where circumstances can change or shift so fast that it’s hard to stay living in the moment. When I live by reacting to events around me, I am allowing them to define my journey. Taking control of my choices allows me to discover and create my own path in life.

Easier said than done. I get that. I can talk about situations. I can discuss the who, whats, and whys; but the most important thing for me to do is to put the how into action. If I approach drama with drama, that’s what I get; or anger with anger, resentment with resentment. If I approach drama with grace, kindness, and love, I start to get different answers. I start controlling the outcome of the journey.

The circumstances might not change overnight, but my outlook does as I take back my power and become my own leader. When I move away from drama and intentionally choose my role, I can walk away or start a plan of action. When I change my relationship to a situation, I take control of my own life trusting that the greatest potential will unfold.

The horses can help us in setting goals or developing a plan of action. They don’t live in our drama. They live in their truth and offer us the opportunity to find our truth. A horse will stand next to us and give us their support. Or walk away, giving us space to work through — starting in our heads — a solution that ultimately must come from our heart. When a horse feels your heart’s spirit, he will walk back to you and give you full support. As coach my job is to listen to you and really hear how you are processing information. And at the same time to watch the horse who will show me when you have come to a solution that is right in your heart.

Communicating with my heart and not my head gives me the opportunity to speak or act in my truth. I might not like my next step. I might even have to take it in fear. But taking action that’s heartfelt is what’s important. If I choose to do what’s right for someone else, but against my truth, I give away my power. Stepping into my truth, I become powerful.

The first step is admitting that we are powerless over our addiction. I believe that to take that step, to reach out for help, makes us powerful. I stayed stuck in powerlessness by non-stop drinking for so long. Fear kept me sick. But fear also forced me to ask for help. Finally taking action and choosing not to drink gave me control over creating my life’s journey. What new action do you need to take today? How can we – my horses and I — help you in that journey?