What is an Equine Gestalt Coach? How can I help you in your recovery process? What is the difference between a coach and a sponsor? What exactly do I do?  All great questions that I have been asked since I started this journey to become a recovery coach.

The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method was developed by Melisa Pearce, a core founder since 1989, of the horse-human healing movement.  To break it down, first is Equine, this of course is the horse. They offer great wisdom to our souls and can reach places deep within us. They connect to our hearts in a way that is incredibly healing.

Second is Gestalt, which is a German word meaning wholeness. It is a way of examining your life and learning how to focus on the positive, let go of all that weighs you down and become whole.

Third, becoming a Coach, I promise to listen and to help you become aware of what’s keeping you stuck in a life that’s full of fear, guilt, and shame. I promise to guide you to live a full life that offers you happiness, a love for yourself, and freedom.

By combining all three, the horses and I as your coach, will guide you to become excited about your journey in life.  To not just be sober but to enjoy a sober life. To live a life that is full, without reservations and judgment.  To wake up each and every morning grateful for a new day. And go to bed, resting your head on your pillow, knowing that life is great — that you are great!

There is a difference between a coach and a sponsor. I chose a sponsor for an anonymous group to work with me as I follow their 12-step program. Your sponsor is a person whose strength and hope inspires strength and hope in you.  Your sponsor is there for you when you’re thinking about drinking or when you’re having a bad day. By following the 12-steps, your sponsor and your anonymous group offers the promise of a better future, if you work for it.

A coach goes deeper and helps guide you to discover why you need or choose to numb your feelings with alcohol or drugs, instead of feel them.  As you become aware of what is in your way, the horses and I will help clear your heart and soul of its scars and to open it up to receive the love and kindness you deserve.

Recovery happens when we do all that we can to get and stay healthy. In the book Guts, by Kristen Johnston, I read “If pushing a peanut up a hill with your nose keeps you sober, well, then, just push a peanut up a hill with your nose.”  I resonate with that quote because I am willing to do anything to stay strong in my recovery journey.

By becoming certified as an Equine Gestalt Coach, Recovery Coach and a Crisis Prevention Awareness Coach, together with my own journey in recovery, my mission is to go though this discovery process with you.