I‘ve been home from vacation for a week now and feel as though I’ve accomplished nothing. We had a fantastic vacation and I was so excited to come back and dive right into my business and start coaching again. The only problem was that I brought home the flu virus. My energy has been completely drained and I feel like a vacuum sucked up all my thoughts, ideas, and passion. My head is so heavy and full that thinking is even a chore. Hacking and coughing up a storm, I sound like I ate, not just smoked, a whole pack of cigarettes.

This has shown me the importance of my health. Tired and exhausted, I feel a little high from the medicine I’ve been taking — all alcohol free, mind you — and I don’t like the feeling. My head is in the clouds and I want it back here grounded. These feelings of not being in control of my body bring me back to when I was drinking. With alcohol coursing through my veins, I had no energy to change or even dream of a different life.

The celebration of my five years in sobriety this past week has me once again reflecting on all the changes in my life since I started my recovery journey. How becoming healthy has motivated and pushed me to dream and figure out how to make my dreams come true. This flu has proven to me how much we need our bodies to be healthy to accomplish goals and to grow daily. When my body is not healthy, my goals and aspirations just don’t seem as important or exciting. It all seems like work.

Everyday I am feeling better and my energy is rising and the excitement of what is in store for One Neigh at a Time is limitless. I have so many ideas to bring to life. In the next month, I will be starting Serenity in a Barn again — weekly meetings in a safe place where you leave your troubles on the arena floor and walk away a stronger, more powerful self.

We’ll be going to the Women’s Expo at the Devos Center in Grand Rapids, MI, March 17-19, when I’m excited to introduce the healing power of horses to women in this area. Come on down and say hi.

We’re having a retreat here at Peace of Serenity Ranch, May 25 – 28:  ReNew your Vow to Recovery. This is an opportunity to strengthen and renew your relationship with yourself and rekindle your passion for life. We’ll be doing many different creative mindful activities. More information will follow.

My 30-day program is for you to spend time with our healing horses and be coached to a better understanding of who you are and what you really want from your life. Become unstuck from your daily grind and add some excitement and joy to your life. In 30 days we will work on identifying your temperament, vision, values, relationships, and set some fun goals. Don’t let another year go by. Let us show you how to move forward in your awesome discovery journey.

I’ve been taking good care of myself trusting that I would return to feeling well. Writing this affirms that I’m well on my way to being 100% healthy again. The flu has taken a back seat! I have so much to look forward to and my energy is fast returning to accomplish them all! I’m looking forward to a great Spring. The horses are Nickering and Neighing, waiting for you to make yourself a priority and Trust the Horse ~Trust the Process.