“I encourage YOU to be a blessing to someone today… as we share the love of God and horses.”

~ Kim Farmer

This past year at our Touched by a Horse™ business SUMMIT, one of the speakers was Kim Farmer, founder of the non-profit Prayer Pony Mission. In her speech, she introduced our herd of classmates and graduates to her mission of sending Prayer Ponies to children and adults who need reminders of God’s love; who need a prayer; and a pony to hug for comfort and strength. Hearing Kim’s speech, I knew that I wanted to become involved.

I first learned of the Prayer Pony Mission about 3 years ago, when the husband of a good friend of mine had a horrible accident and was taken from this earth. I sent her a Prayer Pony, so she would always know that I was thinking of her, praying for her; and that my healing horses would be available to her whenever she needed them. I loved the idea of sending a prayer and a pony, to love and to hold.

I had the pleasure of taking Kim to the airport that last day of SUMMIT and asked her if she ever partnered with other businesses. And, if so, what that looks like. I specifically asked her if she would consider partnering with One Neigh at a Time. She said yes, and I am excited to share that we are now a part of this beautiful organization. We have our own Prayer Ponies, designed and named around recovery. We have picked Psalm 139 v.14: “I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well.”

My dream is that our Prayer Ponies will go out to children whose parents are affected by addiction; perhaps it will give them a hug and a pony to hold while a parent is away from home in rehab. The pony is for a child (of any age) who has lost a loved one from addiction. I intend to partner with recovery centers, hospitals, Veteran’s centers, abused women’s homes — my list is long with possibilities for reaching out and passing on a prayer and a pony to help souls heal.

If you have it in your heart to pass on a Prayer Pony to a child or a loved one on this holiday; or your heart would like to donate money so we can send out ponies to children in need, as well as to support those affected by addiction, please go to https://www.prayerponymission.com/one-neigh-at-a-time-ponies

This is a beautiful way to donate to the Prayer Pony Mission in general and specifically to support those in recovery who are participating in One Neigh at a Time retreats. So many people have mentioned to me that they would love to feel the healing power of our horses, but that finances are a problem. A part of your donation will go toward helping more people participate in our recovery program. Our horses and I want to touch more hearts. Your donation will allow those in recovery to find passion and joy in their healing journey. Your donantion will allow more people to join us in the barn.

Please go to the Prayer Pony web page, www.prayerponymission.com. You will see that the Prayer Pony Mission has an amazing team of like-hearted workers and volunteers who hand sew all the ponies in North Carolina. Every pony is named and delivers an inspirational poem to its recipient. Just as horses and humans are fearfully and wonderfully made, so is each pony created with a unique purpose and plan.

Thank you, Kim Farmer, and the team behind the Prayer Pony Mission. We are excited and honored to be a part of such a wonderful non-profit organization. Thank you in advance to anyone reading this for the purchase of any ponies or for the donations you give to help loved ones in recovery. For supporting their loved ones who suffer, too; or to anyone who you may want to send a hug and a prayer in the form of a pony.