One Neigh at a Time would like to introduce the Seven Neighs. Life promises us only that the sun will rise and fall. The rest is up to us. When we work at living our lives through the heart of a horse, moment to moment, in our truth, we will experience joy within our hearts.

We, the horses and I, hope you will enjoy working through this process. It can be painful and it can be beautiful. In order to experience the beauty of your heart, you must listen to the voices within and work through and trust your process. We hope you will take the time to listen to the sound of the Nickers and Neighs within your body. Trust the horse, trust the process, and you will trust yourself.

We are here waiting in the barn to help guide you through the process. Please call and set up an appointment so that you can get started today. Make yourself a priority. You are worth the investment.

Seven Neighs to live by:
Trust the horse ~ Trust the process

We are so blessed to experience the healing power of horses. When we connect heart to heart with a horse, we are able to live fully in the moment. The incredible energetic flow that connects our body, mind, and soul, allows us to find our authentic truth within. Horses have this beautiful power to hear what our heart is saying. When we listen to our heart, we connect with our divine spirit.

Neigh #1…Listen to your heart. You have a beautiful power within you to listen to your heart. Surrender to your truth within. Follow what your inner voice is saying. Life is precious. Let your authentic self be healed whole and healthy.

Neigh #2…Connect to your divine spirit. When your heart is open and you allow positive energy to flow through your body, mind, and soul, you will feel the healing of your heart. Give yourself permission to live a life that has compassion and passion.

Neigh #3…Live in the moment.  Become aware of what is blocking your heart. Don’t let people, places, and things come between you and your divine spirit. Let the hate and resentments for yourself and others go. Let love and forgiveness be your compass.

Neigh #4…Find your truth. Have faith in what your intuition is telling you. Believe and practice your internal values, figure out what feels right, beneficial and important, and follow them.

Neigh #5…Let go of guilt and shame. Give your regrets to the spirit within and the spirit that surrounds you. Be gentle with yourself. Live your life in your truth and you will walk a path of freedom.

Neigh #6…Take time to meditate. Stop and listen to your heart. Take time to ask for guidance and listen for the answers that surround you. In quiet times you will hear what your heart is saying. Stay true to yourself and you will experience peace and serenity.

Neigh #7… Share your whole heart. Inspire and encourage others by living your life in the moment. Be inclusive not exclusive in your relationship with yourself and those around you.

If the horses had voices, I believe they would ask you to listen to what’s inside your heart. Find a spiritual connection with your body, mind, and soul. Find your truth. Let go of everything that is holding you back from discovering the answers that are within you. Be a blessing to yourself and others by sharing your whole heart. Discover your freedom journey.